Arcade cabinets filled bars and arcades in our country for years, but they slowly faded away to be followed by an era dominated by gaming consoles. Today retro games are returning to our hearts, that's why we want to share with everyone our arcade cabinets with classic video games that will remind us of the times were every set was worth a quarter, and it was a honor writing our initials in the high score of our favorite game.


Three days playing with Japanese arcade cabinets, you will be able to play original games that have been played at competitive level for more than 20 years and many of them are still being played today in FightCade.


All cabinets follow the Japanese standard with Sanwa buttons and Seimitsu or Sanwa sticks with square restrictor and balltop.

Some cabinets will be linked Head-to-Head to play doubles, others have the panel with two sticks and can play doubles on the same machine.

8 Sega Blast City
7 Sega New Net City
3 Sega Astro City
3 Sega New Astro City
2 Taito Egret 2
2 Sega Aero City
2 Sega New Versus City
2 Irem Madonna
2 Taito Vewlix
1 Taito Egret 3
1 Konami Windy
1 SNK Super Neo
1 Namco Exceleena
1 Atomiswave
1 Tecmo Kyotaro


The festival will begin on Friday, May 26th in the morning, and will end on Sunday 28 in the afternoon.

Friday will be the registration day to welcome the attendees, the cabinets will be available for the attendees to play casual matches and we will do some East vs West style tournaments with two big teams. On Saturday, solo tournaments will be held for each game, two tournaments during the morning and two during the afternoon. On Sunday morning we will do 3vs3 team tournaments for all the four games of the competition.

Super Street Fighter 2X Tournament

Solo: May 27 @ 11:00

3vs3: May 28 @ 11:00

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Tournament

Solo: May 27 @ 17:30

3vs3: May 28 @ 11:00

King of Fighters 98 Tournament

Solo: May 27 @ 11:00

3vs3: May 28 @ 11:00

Windjammers Tournament

Solo: May 27 @ 17:30

3vs3: May 28 @ 11:00

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May 26, 27 and 28, 2017


The festival will take place in the Casa de Cultura of Murchante:

Casa de Cultura


Calle Mayor, 104, 31521 Murchante, Navarra, Spain

By car:
  • Highway A-15 and A-68. Exit 18 Tudela-Tarazona.
  • Road N-121C Tudela-Tarazona, Km 6 Murchante's crossing.

A public car parking is available in Calle Mayor opposite the Cooperativa Vinícola Murchantina.

By train:

The nearest train station to Murchante is the Tudela de Navarra station for medium and long distance trains, located 5.5 kilometers away from Murchante.

You can purchase the train tickets online at RENFE.

  • Paris plane to Madrid (2 hours) train to Tudela (2 hours)
  • Madrid train to Tudela (2 hours)
  • Barcelona train to Tudela (2,5 hours)
  • Zaragoza train to Tudela (1 hour)

You can get there by taxi from Tudela to Murchante, the journey takes approximately 7 minutes and costs between 8-11€.