Network Gaming Platform based on GGPO

This project is a new online arcade gaming platform heavily based on GGPO. The goal is to enhance current features as well as add new community requests to improve the overall experience. It's very possible that new features are first created for Super Street Fighter II Turbo and later might be added for other games.

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Select your Operating System to begin downloading the FightCade client:


Game ROMs

In order to play any game on FightCade, you will need to obtain the ROMs for the games you wish to play and go to "Locate ROMs folder" in the Settings menu to tell FightCade where you placed your game ROMs.

That's it!

You don't need to open any ports on your router: FightCade uses a modern NAT traversal technique that allows to connect two players without having to forward ports, making the setup easier :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to add <insert your favourite game here>?

If the game is supported in the version of FBA bundled with FightCade then yes, otherwise no.

If it is supported and you want it included in the next update, please send us a good savestate file for the game using a pull request or opening an issue to the savestates repository. Make sure the game works fine by playing it in the "Unsupported Games" room first.

Would you consider updating FBA to a newer version?

At the moment we are using the netcode from GGPONET library, from the original GGPO. As the source code for this library is not available we have to stick with the older version of FBA for now.

We do plan to update FBA to a newer version but this is an involved and time consuming process. If you have experience with netcode, or emulator programming and want to get involved, please contact us.